welcome to Once Upon a Tart… baking, goodies and jess' everyday, culinary adventure in the merchant city, –we love baking and good food ...
We have turned an old art gallery into our own brick-and-mortar space, our fabulous cafe and bakery in Glasgow's Merchant City The menu includes breads,sophisticated but rustic sandwiches,ciabatta's,salads,
berry waffles—and, of course, loads of baked goodies. We remain committed to using the best local ingredients available. We use organic flours and sugars, best dark chocolate, butter and eggs...a truly gorgeous place to chill, eat baked goodies, fantastic soups, funky sarnies using sour dough, or honey and spelt bread,banana and honey bread,brill bread and butter pud or apple sponge ,with vanilla custard or chocolate raspberry brownies or.....the list goes on and on In addition we have fabulous teas from rooibus (red berry)mint tea to pai mui tan
For us, quality is far more important than quantity and by baking in small amounts, we are able to assure you that our products are the best. on quality rather than production. We take extreme pride in what we make, so please stop by

“Worth going out of the way for,an absolute gem”

I went to this lovely bakehouse after reading reviews on tripadvisor. It is amazing!! The decor is all black and hot pink with plently of interesting decorations to look at.

The counter is covered in delicious, colourful and artfully decorated cakes, cupcakes, scones and any baked goods you can imagine. They also have lots of nice sandwiches, baked potatoes and nachos.

I had the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which was amazing! The staff are really friendly and helpful and the prices are extremely reasonable.

I can’t wait to go back for brunch at the weekend!

Shmee682 Glasgow June 2012

“Coffee is better than Starbucks”

Have been to Once Upon a tart a couple of times for coffee. This visit had breakfast of stacked pancakes and coffee. This places is fantastic lots of lovely food to eat and a lovely coffee shop, lots of quirky little things about the place that make you smile. Has to be my faveourite coffee shop. Everyone needs a Once upon a tart in their life

Steph 3215

“Once upon a tart – serving up sweet and sexy. “

Alluring artwork at Once Upon a Tart - Glasgow

Two women, one city, 756 things to do…..


and cakes. I think that this recession has led for a need for sugar and what better way to get your sugar than in a cake, and a well made one at that. At Once upon a tart in King Street we have that. Delicious looking ( and tasting),non mass produced cakes surrounded by some boudoir like decor.

a wide range of cakes, muffins, scones and more.

Orange Blossom Cupcake and Earl Grey Tea.

Chocolate sponge and Americano

£7.70 for these, the chocolate cake was delicious.  Moist with buttery buttercream icing.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate cake, but I was persuaded to try this one.  The Orange Blossom frosting was melt in the mouth too with a moist sponge.   Menu can be found online…onceuponatart.co.uk

Will be back :)

Food and Drink Glasgow

“The real Wonderland has colossal cake! Shape-shifting optional”.

Alice may have grown up but her cakes are still magically delicious and her tea parties slightly twisted.  Well, that’s if Once Upon a Tart  has anything to do with it.

No ordinary café 

Once Upon a Tart, GlasgowThis quirky café  is tucked away from the bustle of Glasgow’s city-centre on King Street –  a refreshing new take on the average café.  Bursting with colour and character, it’s enchanted forest meets welcoming city-centre hang out.  Be prepared to be mesmerised by this magical  wonderland.And there’s plenty of room to move – no sitting on top of your neighbour.  Really it’s the perfect place to tell your dirty little secrets over something soothingly sweet and sensational.

Cakes made out of childhood dreams – only bigger and better

Delicious cakes at once upon a tart, GlasgowBut don’t be fool because this café isn’t just a pretty place –  their amazing cakes are to die for.  Think of your childhood favourites,  now think even better and bigger because there is no such thing as skinny slices here.And rightly so with amazing choices like lovely lemon drizzle cake, heavenly hot chocolate fudge cake and devilishly delicious bread and butter pud.  And at £3.60 a pop, they’re financially guilt-free.

Much more than cakes  And if none of these take your fancy – what’s wrong with you?  Fortunately pernickety is catered for  because there’s still waffles, porridge, scones, muffins, tarts, brownies and more to choose from.

The Tart also boast a broad breakfast selection and a hearty assortment of homemade soups and filling chunky bread sandwiches.

The perfect place to lose track of time But be warned; leave a bread-crumb trail so that you can make your way back to reality.  Otherwise be prepared to lose all sense of time and be happily distracted by captivating surroundings and the most delicious, giantic sweet treats.  Really a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (or any other day of the week – they are open till 5pm everyday).

Once Upon a Tart – go for the ambiance, stay for the tremendous cake!

“Let them eat cake”

words & image_Gill Davies

I found this rather lovely place when I was out and about in Merchant City. The cheery colourful interior was the draw for me but, holy moly, what a range of cakes they have on display – all homemade. The empire biscuits are twice as big as those I’ve seen anywhere else but I was glad I went for the delicious chocolate and raspberry brownie.

Their coffee is served in decent-sized mugs and they’ve also got a selection of specialist teas. The choices for breakfast include porridge, pancakes and bagels; toasties and ciabattas are available with a range of fillings throughout the day.

I’d be hard-pushed to get past those cakes, though …

The Urban Post

Once Upon a Tart cafe – First we had coffee here and a huge apple pie with ice cream. It tasted so good and was close to a design shop we wanted to talk to, so had lunch there afterwards. Lovely food, huge coffees and with wall art and photo art.


Trip Advisor

steph3125 – Have been to Once Upon a Tart a couple of times for coffee. This visit had breakfast of stacked pancakes and coffee. This places is fantastic lots of lovely food to eat and a lovely coffee shop, lots of quirky little things about the place that make you smile. Has to be my favourite coffee shop. Everyone needs a Once upon a tart in their life

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Vera T. – Lovely people, lovely cake, what more can I say?! :)

Chris D. First off, this place just ticks all the boxes for style and feel. From the kitschy cakey, alice-in-wonderlandy decor to the varied forms of seating areas (big comfy couch for thy lazy arse sir? Why thank you, yes I will!), it’s, for me, a perfect example of a new/retro cake emporium.

I popped in today in a state of heavy man lurgy-ness, seeking soup to salve the ‘poor me’ soul. I found it in a bowl of homemade lentil soup and HEEEEEUUUUUGE slice of brown bread. Ordered. Doctor. Just and The.

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking. Just who would win in a game of tiddlywinks, a genetically modified cat with thumbs, or a copy of Fly Fishing by JR Hartley? No? Just me then…

(please be aware that this review was written after a serious dose of lemsip liquid cold/flu medicine, which I swear to dog has opiates in it)

Right, so insane board games to the back burner, the question reamins… Cakes you fool? What about the cakes?

So I have to admit that I never tried any. I did however purchase the most amazing looking empire biscuit which I will use to gain extreme brownie points with the female pregnant one. For the sake of the review I shall reach into my man-bag right now and nibble on a bit… hold… damn latches… aye… that’s good.Yeah, so I’m a fan. In an area that’s quickly filling up with more and more great businesses, this is a worthy addition to the line-up.

In the area? Need cake? Go, go now… just stay aff the couch, it’s minesies!

Sharon G – I don’t usually update reviews especially so soon after the original one. However, Once Upon A Tart deserves more than an A-Ok. Sat in today and had the hot chocolate fudge cake and a mocha. Sis had an excellent cup of Earl Grey, she was impressed with the tea leaves as many places just give you a teabag. The buttercream cake she had was delicious and I took a slice home.

But we already knew the cakes would be good. It was the atmosphere that gains  out an extra star. It’s so laid back and friendly. We’d just had lunch in Princes Square and the difference was huge. We felt relaxed in here and the other customers were here for something to eat and not to be seen.  I couldn’t recommend this cute spot highly enough.

  • Scott W.Glasgow Pink, fancy, cake.  I think that pretty much sums this place up. But to expand, this is a nice cafe in a up and coming trendy area. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a link, or partnership between this cafe and some of the art galleries and craft shops which surround it. You may walk past it thinking it is one of those galleries. The exterior is fairly dark and uninviting, but if you peer inside, you’ll see pink dressing tables and what looks like hand crafted candlesticks. The rest of the interior is a visual assault of high contrast pink and black art. The other thing you may notice upon entering is how spacious it is. Plenty room in here.Although the menu is fairly varied, with plenty sandwiches, bagels and breakfast options including that good auld Scottish favourite sweet or savoury porridge, Once Upon A Tart really takes pride in it’s cakes and, of course tarts, all of which are homebaked on site and dangerously good.I’ve become a bit of a tea aficionado and this place introduced me to something called Pai Mu Tang, or “White Hairy Monkey”, which might be one of the best teas I’ve ever tasted.The website gives a good idea of what to expect, and the prices which I believe are very good.mmmm cake.

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